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Supportive Psychotherapy

Empathetic Approach to Psychiatry

Horizon Behavioral Medicine believes every client deserves to be treated as a whole person, not just a list of mental health symptoms. Alongside Medication Management, all of our providers are trained in Supportive Psychotherapy, which focuses especially on current, problematic relationships and maladaptive patterns of behavior and emotional patterns.


Techniques used in supportive psychotherapy include comforting, advising, encouraging, reassuring and mostly listening, attentively and sympathetically. Supportive psychotherapy is clinically proven to help gain insight, build self-esteem, reduce anxiety, strengthen coping skills, and improve social functioning. Most importantly, we provide you an emotional outlet, the chance for you to express yourself and be yourself.


We do not offer specific psychotherapies such as CBT, DBT, IPT, EMDR or psychoanalysis at this time. However, we welcome patients working with a therapist and are committed to a fully collaborative approach with your therapist to meet all of your treatment goals.

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