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Finding a psychiatrist to help manage your mental health can often be intimidating at first. Your insurance company may offer a long list of potential options, but how do you determine which provider is best for your mental health? 

At Horizon Behavioral Medicine, we believe the role of a psychiatrist goes beyond medication management. Not only are our clinicians highly trained, our entire team is also committed to providing you with exceptional service and care. You'll find our team to be warm professionals, who excel at communicating and connecting with people. 

Founded by Las Vegas Psychiatrist Dr. Vincent Ho, our practice is currently accepting new clients for medication management, supportive psychotherapy and TMS.



Horizon Behavioral Medicine is a unique multidisciplinary private mental health practice. Our team is composed of board certified psychiatrist and physician assistants with specialized knowledge about mental health care. Our mission is to provide compassionate and individualized mental health services to our community.


Licensed by NV State of Osteopathic Medicine

Certified by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

10+ years of Experience in Las Vegas

Dr. Ho is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Las Vegas for over 10 years. He received his medical degree at Western University of Health Science and completed residency training at University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas. Dr. Ho specializes on achieving optimal mental health of balance and clarity with evidence based medicine.

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Clinical Services

We specialize in the treatment of:

Mood Disorder (depression, bipolar disorder), Anxiety Disorder (including PTSD and OCD), Psychosis, ADHD, Insomnia, Binge Eating Disorder, Chemical Dependency, General Stress, Major Life Changes, and Women's Mental Health (including prenatal and postpartum disorders).

If you are experiencing mental health issues and wish to discuss whether medication is good option for you,

please contact us today for help. 

Telemedicine Available Upon Request


Let's find a solution together

Medication management serves a critical role in treating various mental health issues. It can aid patients in crisis or manage conditions in the long term. While we believe strongly that counseling and therapy are essential parts of mental health treatment, there are circumstances in which medications can safely and effectively reduce debilitating symptoms. We are here to determine whether or not the medication is a viable option for treating you and if so, what is the appropriate medication and dosage to get you back on track to your true self.

Our medication management services include: 

1. An initial assessment which include an overview of your symptoms and collection of your medical history

Based on this assessment, we will make a diagnosis and customize a treatment plan just for you. Including medication in your mental health interventions is your personal choice, and we respect the decisions you make around this sensitive issue. If you agree to move forward with your treatment plan, various medications, possible side effects and proper dosage will be discussed.

2. Changes to prescriptions, as needed

Finding the right medication to treat your mental condition can be a frustrating trial-and-failure process, because not every medication works the same for every person. We are here to help you determine what unique combination of medicines your body needs to function and thrive. The key with medication management is patience and persistence. Please trust the process and be open with us about what you need while we work to eventually come up with the right medication for you.

3. Ongoing medical monitoring related to the medications, their side effects, and their possible interactions with other medications.

Managing medication effectively requires your attention and commitment. Follow up appointments are scheduled anywhere between 2 weeks to every 3 months, depending on your response to treatment. During your follow up appointments, our providers will evaluate your progress, monitor any potential side effects/adverse effects and order labs as indicated. Even in well-managed scenarios, things can change over time, and your experience with a medication can evolve. Working with your provider closely is the best way to ensure that you are getting the right amount of medicines. 

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Empathetic Approach to Psychiatry

Alongside Medication Management, all of our providers are trained in Supportive Psychotherapy. This type of therapy focuses especially on current, problematic relationships and maladaptive patterns of behavior and emotional patterns. Techniques used in supportive psychotherapy include comforting, advising, encouraging, reassuring and mostly listening, attentively and sympathetically. Supportive psychotherapy is clinically proven to help gain insight, build self-esteem, reduce anxiety, strengthen coping skills, and improve social functioning. Most importantly, we provide you an emotional outlet, the chance for you to express yourself and be yourself.

We do not offer specific psychotherapies such as CBT, DBT, IPT, EMDR, psychoanalysis or others. However, we welcome patients working with a therapist and are committed to a fully collaborative approach with your therapist to meet all of your treatment goals.

Psychology Session


Innovative, Non-Drug Therapy that helps people with Resistant Depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) helps activate the natural function of the brain's neurotransmitters using magnetic pulses. TMS is a breakthrough in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder because it has shown to help those who cannot get significant relief from antidepressant medications. It is also an alternative for those who choose not to take prescription to take medication to treat their depression.

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Patient must be at least 12 years to be seen at our clinic. 
Parental consent is required for all minor patients.



We offer competitive self-pay options for

those without insurance or those who do not wish to bill insurance. 


Horizon Behavioral Medicine providers are contracted with the organizations listed in the documents below. This information is updated periodically and is subject to change. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive; please check with your health plan to verify coverage. Your benefit coverage for care provided by Horizon Behavioral Medicine is determined solely by your insurance company and is based on the provisions of your specific medical benefit plan. Please contact the customer service department on the back of your member ID card to confirm that you have in-network access to Horizon Behavioral Medicine. 

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